Encourage Private Schools

By all means, allow and encourage the establishment of private schools and universities. Students whose families are willing and able to pay tuition should not be taking up space in public schools and universities. And as for the concerns about the quality of education provided by private institutions, I have two answers: one, that’s why we have a concept called accreditation. Two, do you seriously think that the education provided by the government is of high quality?

I suggest that we develop a minimum required curriculum for each year in school, along with a set of criteria for accreditation. An accreditation board will evaluate each private institution and grant or deny accreditation. A school is free to include additional subjects in the curriculum, provided that they meet minimal curriculum requirements (such as math, language and science) and don’t violate any accreditation criteria. Of course, knowing our countrymen, we should also devise some methods to minimize corruption. We wouldn’t want somebody paying off the board to get an accreditation they don’t deserve.


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