Democratic Backfire

Democracy backfires in societies that don’t uphold individualism. The most recent example was in Palestine — the West wanted more democracy in Palestine. The Palestinians turned around and elected Hamas. When you look at the oxymoron of a democratically elected dictatorship, you have to ask whether democracy is indeed what we think it is. What is democracy in a country where the majority votes away the rights of the minority?

Democracy is not a political ideology — it is just a political modus operandi. To the question “How should we decided this?” democracy answers “By majority vote”. To the question “What is right and what is wrong?” democracy has no answer.

A democracy must be built on top of an existing political ideology, often reflected in the country’s constitution. The US constitution for example, outlines basic rights that are not open to vote. Basic rights are not open to vote because they cannot be decided. They already exist and they must be discovered. The political ideology on which most western democracies are based is capitalism, which is basically another word for economic individualism.


2 Responses to Democratic Backfire

  1. sigsegv11 says:

    Absolutely correct. The argument that Palestine is being penalized for a democratic election is ridiculous. They are being penalized for having a government that employs “large scale suicide bombings — against Israeli civilian and military targets” [ref].

  2. sigsegv11 says:

    Sorry for the two comments, but when I read this again, it made me think of the Demotivator poster from that read:

    Meetings: None of us is as dumb as all of us

    You can easily replace the word “meetings” with “democracy.”

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