‘Sole representatives’ of Tamils?

Democracy says that NOBODY can be the sole representative of ANYBODY. The LTTE’s claim that it is (or that it should be) the sole representative of Sri Lankan Tamils is unacceptable.

Intercommunity conflicts are often put to an end by the emergence of a moderate leader on either one of the sides, perhaps those like Martin Luther King Jr. But if the LTTE starts eliminating every Tamil leader or intellectual who is not directly aligned with them, then we’ll never have such a moderate leader from the Tamils. And this makes the LTTE one of the biggest obstacles to a lasting peace today. Because I really don’t see moderate leaders arising within the ranks of the LTTE itself anytime soon.

Here’s an organization that is systematically eliminating all other groups representing its own people, sometimes by terrorizing and often by assassination. If that’s how they’re going to treat their own people while they’re still a guerilla force, I can’t imagine what they’ll do once they achieve far reaching governmental powers. If a Tamil state or a semi-state is ever established, don’t expect multi-party democracy. Expect totalitarianism.

Peace between Singhalese and Tamils quite aside, handing over the Tamil people to the governance of the LTTE would be like handing the proverbial chickens over to the fox. A political solution cannot include the LTTE alone.


2 Responses to ‘Sole representatives’ of Tamils?

  1. Jack Point says:

    very true.

    however they are a force in the equation as far as peace (or war) is concerned.

    Now that the last hopes of peace have died, it is now a question of waiting to see what will be left after the current round of fighting finishes.

    Some conflicts do burn themselves out, eventually.

  2. ict4peace says:

    Succint and accurate. This is a good post.

    Sanjana Hattotuwa

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