Kemalism (Re: The Kemalist Option, my first real post) is a recurring theme on this blog: that a country cannot effectively modernize without westernizing. Not westernizing in terms of dress, speech and other customs, but westernizing in terms of ideals and thinking. Western development is not just a result of technology or exploitation of the east (the favorite excuse of third world nationalists) — it is a result of the ideals on which western societies are built on.

I don’t regard “westernization” as taboo. I’ve no misgivings whatsoever about throwing out what we call our “heritage” when we are faced with the option of adopting something better. We should discard the “What is ours is what is best” attitude and adopt a “What is best before what is ours” attitude.


One Response to Kemalism

  1. liberated says:

    Ummm…most of what we call “our heritage” is also Werstern. Sri Lanka in 2006 is a product of the Dutch, Portuguese and the British. I wonder what exactly we were before all those waves of colonization.

    But I do agree with you that there is a sense that is very non-western here but I am not sure that it is exactly a clash of civilizations but more a result of the complex cross fertilizations of socialism, the conflict reality, the post-colonial experience.

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