Deregulate private buses

Deregulate bus routes. Let the private bus operators choose their own routes and switch between routes at will (as long as they complete a full run on a route before switching to another — you wouldn’t want to get on a 135 and have it become a 120 five minutes later).

Each route has its own peak hours and peak directions. If you allow bus operators to change routes, free market dynamics will go to work and the most active routes will get the most service. And the bus operators will come up with the most optimal route, i.e. the routes that will transport the most passengers with the least expenditure of fuel. For the passenger, that translates to better travel.


2 Responses to Deregulate private buses

  1. Jack Point says:

    buggers need more regulation not less. Better if routes were auctioned off (with minimum service standards – eg a bus evry 10 minutes in peak hours, one every 15 off-peak first bus at 6am, last one at 10pm etc) so that we can work off timetables and plan journeys and avoid the murderous races between rival buses.

  2. interesting point. I’ve always been an advocate of a franchise system or licensing regime for the entire public transport sector in Sri lanka. Allow any private bus operator to bid for a license to operate on a single/multiple route/s. Have a regulator monitr each of these operators. If they are found to be in breach of their licensing contracts or not acting in the consumers best interests, the threat of revoking the license or penalties/fines could be imposed. Like you mention…allow market forces to take over in allocating of routes and opertors in private bus transport. This obviously requires much further deliberation and debate, but the crux of the matter is….we desperately need a more dynamic PPI (private partnership in infrastructure) framework.

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