Say NO to governmental good intentions

Every once in a while there comes an administration that thinks it can treat citizens much like cattle or guinea pigs. It seems to think that it has the right to manipulate the behavior of citizens — especially, to discourage behaviors that it seems to consider “undesirable”. “If you don’t like it, ban it” is not an enlightened policy.

Governments have NO right to try to make citizens “better”. In my opinion people are fine just the way they are — WITH their vices and weaknesses. Nobody needs improvement at the hands of the government. The government has no right to protect people against themselves. Governmental good intentions have lead to some of the greatest fiascos, disasters and massacres in recorded history.

A government has the right to exercise force for one reason — to prevent citizens from infringing on the rights of other citizens. The right to exercise force is turned over to the government because each citizen trying to defend himself would lead to too much chaos — a civilized society cannot progress far with vigilante law. But a government is overstepping its authority when it tries to use this power for other purposes.

The government cannot:

a) Dictate what books I read, what TV shows I watch or how often I watch/read them
b) Dictate what I eat, drink or smoke, provided I’m not a danger to others
c) Condition school children to be “good” or “better” by some government-chosen standard
d) Above all, dictate what I can or cannot think


3 Responses to Say NO to governmental good intentions

  1. Sam says:

    Government is not the body to decide good and bad. We are citizens does that! But any leader – government – king – empire – does not want to give up this power. This age in the human history, we can see power divide between more people than before. But world is getting better. World is getting better to people who want the world to be better.
    I don’t see Sri Lankans are one of them. We still do not have any value for freedom in our self. We still like new laws to be made. We still like if government ban this and that.
    We still like religion come and interfere our freedom. Not only that we control other freedom (without government power) when ever we are able to do that. We see neighbors control neighbors freedom. Parents control children’s (even grown ass children’s) freedom. Children control Parents freedom. Etc..

    We still do not have freedom to have a hair cut the way we want. Get dress the way we want. Select a sexual partner way we want. Exercise sexual activity way we want. Government does not do that. We do that to our self. Government just caters to our taste.

  2. Tez says:

    Which gives us the Brecht quote of the day: if the government doesn’t like the people, why doesn’t it dissolve them and elect a new people?

    The Morality Laws (ah… that’s how I’ve taken to hearing it in my head, uppercase and all, everytime someone brings up all these new rules and regulations) are depressing and tedious. I spend most of my time re-reading Thoreau and thinking about the power of the state being made legitimate by the abdication of the political power of the individual. An abdication which, now, happens automatically and involuntarily -you could even say subliminally- at birth. My personal fledgeling political reform to address this: ignore the state.

  3. Read the post I posted on My Blog , Under the subject “Government Says got to sleep after 10”. It has some replies to this post.

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