The internet for peace building

The author of ict4peace asks what the Sri Lankan Internet community can do for peace building in Sri Lanka. In its present form, I’d say very little. Sri Lankans who have Internet access anyway tend to be more liberal minded than average. It’s not they who need convincing.

The best way to reach the masses is through their own language. If I could use the Sinhalese keyboard, this blog would be in Sinhalese and I’d give open reproduction rights to my writing here, in the hope that it’ll reach a readership outside the regular Internet community. Unfortunately I don’t know how to type in Sinhalese and my Sinhalese writing style is yet to be polished.

The best the Internet CAN do, in my opinion, is to strengthen that small minority with “outrageous” ideas. It’s those outrageous ideas that can save us. For example, capitalism is taboo in Sri Lankan mainstream media, but it has more acceptance among Sri Lankan Internet users.


2 Responses to The internet for peace building

  1. Deane says:

    I must say yours is one of the blogs i agree with the most of the time.

    I agree the content on the internet doesnt reach the masses. But everything has to start in some form or the other, and this is a start.

    There seem to be a lot of people who have something very serious to say in blogosphere. The good that comes out of it is it’s very likely that when people who read blogs such as these and others go out in their physical world they would often refer to and borrow from the content, and various arguments online. Which in a sense is a form of spreading.

    I think we would see more Sinhalese content in the near future when sinhala standardaized fonts becomes installed by default in Windows. I think they expect is as soon as the next version of windows is released.

    Perhaps the reason Capitalism is looked down oupon to a degree is because it sound really bad in Sinhala ‘Danawadaya’ just sounds so worse than capitalism, and yes you would often find people ‘accused’ of being capitalists and ‘neoliberals’ as if capitalism is something to be looked down oupon.

  2. Sam says:

    For me ict4peace is just another organization that service nice short-eats in meetings. Before ICT run in to new grounds, it must complete it is main task. In Sri Lanka we still have licensing fee for ISPs, VOIP is still illegal for public, and even for us to get a [.lk] domain name have to submit a ‘printed letters in the letterheads with rubber stamp on it’. I used to say it would be easier to get a [.el] domain name if we had a chance, than getting a [.lk] domain name. (i hope it wont be true)

    ict4peace can talk about how nice the internet is. But everyone knows that already. That is why we pay our tax money to ICT.
    If ICT done their work in the first place in the area they suppose to work – most probably TRC won’t take over internet users in Sri Lanka. May be more people in Sri Lanka will have internet. Then may be I do not have to pay 25000 Rs per a month for 64kbps internet line and others who do not fortunate enough to rob a bank wont be jealous of me.

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