Capitalist apologism

Don’t become an apologist for capitalism. Don’t defend it because of its economic benefits. Don’t defend it saying that it can achieve the goals of socialism more effectively. “Look at all the good it can do” is not a proper defense of capitalism. Instead it’s an unwarranted apology from socialism.

Defend capitalism on a MORAL basis. Capitalism is the social, economic and political system proper for man, NOT because it’s profitable, not because it brings progress and wealth, not because it’s easy, but because it is the only MORAL system of society.

If I were ever asked to condense the capitalist/individualist moral code to a single sentence, I’d say “Let a man keep what he earns”. Human rights and property rights are the same. The first things I own are my mind and my body. Therefore it follows that the fruits of the labor of my mind and my body are also mine.

Praising human rights while condemning property rights is an embarrassment. Freedom from bodily harm is a right that even some savage societies recognize. It takes civilized men to recognized higher order rights.

The most fundamental right is the right of OWNERSHIP, beginning with the ownership of thoughts, the body and then property.

To reiterate:
“Keep what you earn” – the right of property
“Earn what you keep” – the converse – One man’s right is another man’s obligation not to violate it.


4 Responses to Capitalist apologism

  1. sittingnut says:

    quite right.
    capitalism needs no apologists bc it has nothing to apologize about. it is the natural state with ppl freely exercising their rights.
    it is the socialism that need apologists bc it basically constrain some ppl’s rights in order to supposedly help others on the orders of few ppl who hold political power.

  2. poetlost says:

    Good post and I agree wholeheartedly.

    I don’t think even the staunchest supporter of capitalism can say it is a perfect system; it is too Darwanian in its application to benefit society as a whole. However, it is this Darwaniansm that is its greatest strenght – it means that anyone can climb the ladder of economic well-being provided he/she is willing to put in the effort and the necessary (moral and ethical) sacrifices.

  3. Sam says:

    No need to apologize. Dialog did that behalf of you today. 50% price slash.
    I wonder what SLT (basted child of socialism – adopted by capitalism now) do now?

    Come-on! ‘Keep what you earn’? You honestly think Sri Lankans are ready to let other people keep what they earn? (I mean not only money.. other things too.. useless things like freedom, evil things like speech, etc..) I mean do that make us happy?

  4. voice of reason? says:

    Yes, but what if you don’t stop your moral examination at the point you have. What if you look farther and deeper in to the process of how you earned what you did.
    At whose expense?
    On what historical circumstances were you able to obtain your existing physical . mental and intellectual well being?
    Did those circumstances effect the ability of others to obtain a similar postion as you have?

    I’m not saying everything you own and all your achievements are therefore wrong, should be stripped of you and put in to common ownership.
    all i’m questioning is the arbitrary point you are stopping your moral examination in justifying keeping and owning everything as your very own.

    Morals? such shaky ground to justify how others are to live their lives anyway. who is to say what is really wrong and what is really right?

    refer metaethics.

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