Country vs. Govt. vs. Administration: The need to distinguish between government and administration arises because of statements such as “the GoSL’s policies toward the LTTE”, especially when they appear in foreign media or long term publications. There have been several GoSLs with varying policies, but if not specifically mentioned it may not be clear at the time of reading, which particular government is meant. Expressing it as “the [government leader’s name] administration” seems to be the most convenient form (the word regime seems to have non-democratic connotations).

The internet for peace building: Neither the word ‘capitalism’ nor its Sinhalese equivalent carry any intrinsic negative meaning. They have their current negative connotations because of a century worth of smearing campaigns by marxists. Note that the very positive sounding “open economy” also came to mean something negative to the Sri Lankan on the street due to similar smearing campaigns. Instead of choosing new words, un-demonize the concepts that they stand for.

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