Web rings

It is better to start a small thing in a big way than a big thing in a small way.

A few pro-liberty voices on the Internet cannot change the course of a country in a short time. What they CAN do is develop a stronger voice — so that anyone who does a web search will see that a pro-liberty/pro-capitalist author is more than a freak occurrence.

In the sphere of political ideas collaboration is very difficult. Even among those with the same basic principles, there will be conflicts in detail. Broad agreement is neither possible nor necessary, so long as one is willing to tolerate slightly different view points.

A simple step towards being better heard is a pro-liberty web-ring. A set of blogs/sites that simply link to each other requires no special effort. It simply requires that each linker find some pro-liberty common ground with the others. In view of common goals, it’s not difficult to set aside specific differences (for example, two authors who agree on political and economic reforms may disagree completely on solutions to the ethnic problem).

3 Responses to Web rings

  1. Deane says:

    I was considering something smiliar. But more in the lines of a Pro-liberty Open Blog (smilar to Moju, where anyone can post) that way it’s a bit centralized. people can be more focused in what they post. Even people with pro-liberty/libertarian or capitalist ideas dont always blog about them in their respective blogs, all the time.

  2. sittingnut says:

    how about basic libertarian principle as the common ground?
    all individuals are free to act as they want as long as they do not interfere with others right to act similarly

  3. Deane says:

    i donno about that sittingunt. Libertarianism and other political isms are about how governments should be. it’s a political philosophy. it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be a moral philosophy. I think it’s best to go with three basic principles kind of like what cato.org / hammeroftruth.com/reason.com does and be focused on concepts rather than isms.

    Advocacy of : individual liberty. Free markets. Limited government. (and maybe even peace 🙂 ) in a Sri Lankan prospective.

    if a post is within the criteria, it goes, or else. no go. basically something like what greenhornet does but with open to all. who knows maybe it will grow into something on it;s own.

    if we make it truly open or ‘libertarian’ as you say, then people will just flood it with spam and defeat it’s purpose. Of course that’s what libertarians advocate; but with respect to government, this is essentially ‘private property’

    and besides’ who’s a pure ‘libertarian’ ? 🙂


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