The guardian angel complex

The guardian-angel complex, as I call it, is a more pronounced version of the holier-than-thou complex. Many activists suffer from it — animal rights activists, anti-abortionists, environmentalists and recently in Sri Lanka, some of the self-proclaimed defenders of Sinhalese-Buddhism.

You can easily make the distinction between a legitimate activist and those suffering from the guardian-angel complex. The “guardian angel” is often more concerned with fighting the enemies than protecting the charge.

Animal rights activists are a good example. Whenever groups like ALF attack laboratories and “liberate” test animals, what is conspicuously absent from their well laid plans is the welfare of their liberated animals. They often break in, set fire to property, break open cages, spray paint walls and leave the animals to perish in an unfamiliar environment. Hardly the act of a guardian angel. Most “guardian angels” are so obsessed with playing a defender of something, that it’s often of little consequence what they’re a defender of.

This is also true of certain types of defenders of religion — following scripture is of little importance to them. What is more important is the exposure of “threats” and “conspiracies” against their religion and reprimanding those (other than themselves) who fail to follow their particular interpretation of scripture. When such types rear their heads in society, it is the job of legitimate activists to caution the public against them.


4 Responses to The guardian angel complex

  1. sittingnut says:

    a person who thinks others can not or should not decide for themselves, and tries to make decisions on their behalf, has some sort of a complex.

  2. Sam says:

    Oh Yes! We humans love to control others. All we need is find politically correct excuses to do so. One of my favorite is Greenpeace new pretest against genetically modify food.
    There are only few people in the world have luxuries of choosing what food to eat. Majority is still straggling to find food.
    When we use fertilizer to modify nature of plants – it is alright. When we modify plants DNS using mixing in generation– then it is ok. But finally when we find a way to feed hungry world – than Greenpeace want to protect us from it. Bullshit!

    I have seen this enough even in Sri Lanka.
    We need to know American can afford to play with any bullshit when they have enough food to eat and enough energy to light home. But we are deferent.

  3. paddt welsh says:

    generalize much?

  4. Bailey says:

    I don’t think that’s a guardian angel complex, more a bigheaded egotist complex.

    Guardian angel folks are all about protecting others and not themselves.

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