The establishment

In many ways, the Establishment is like an animal — if you leave it alone, it will not attack unless it wants something. If you corner it, it will most likely bite. This is doubly bad if you have cornered a stronger animal.

The Sri Lankan Internet community is an infant compared to its American counterpart. It’s unable to defend itself against censorship or witch hunts. This is why it’s often unwise of bloggers to attempt to take on specific elements of the Establishment.

Insults, name calling and personal attacks on public figures — especially those who hold high offices — is unwise and uncalled for. What applies in America should apply here too — if you can’t have respect for a particular president, at least have respect for the Office of the president.

Also notice that public support for many questionable regulations have been passed based on a single highly publicized occurrence (e.g. a single school shooting in America is enough to spark debates on wide-ranging gun controls). Do not give the government this one occurrence.

Often all it takes is general statements of principle. Assume the reader has intelligence. Allow him to apply the principles to specifics cases. Theory is the foundation, and foundations by themselves are rarely bombed.

2 Responses to The establishment

  1. Sam says:

    Well. we behave so much better in the internet than in real life. 🙂

  2. sittingnut says:

    but can foundations hunt animals? 🙂

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