Homelands, civil movements

Why do many Tamils call for a separate homeland? Because like any group of human beings, they need at least one place on earth they can call home and where they will not be treated as second class citizens. There are many accomplished Sri Lankans who refuse to emigrate to developed countries precisely because of this; sometimes esteem needs supersede economic ones.

No person is happy being treated as a second class citizen, ESPECIALLY in his own country. The response to such treatment will always be either a civil rights movement (as in early 20th century America) or a call for a separate homeland (as in Sri Lanka). 

If the Sri Lankan government and the Sinhalese public become more receptive to the idea of equal treatment, a civil rights movement will be more effective than a civil war. This will undercut the rationale for militant organizations.

3 Responses to Homelands, civil movements

  1. Niroshan says:

    Exactly! This is what we need. A civil rights movement. Compassion between ordinary citizens for theire fellow citizens. I wish the active bloggers who are organizing and staging protests against war, will come out and do exactly this. Strat a civil rights movement. You can count me in. Holding a few placards to end violence will not take us anywhere. We need to build trust among ourselves. Take it to Jaffna if need be. A way lot easier said than done, I know.
    I am a sinhalese myself and I totally believe in equal rights for the tamils in this country who are our brothers and sisters. If what it requires is a federal solution, then so be it. But I don’t, for a moment, beleive that LTTE are the sole representatives of the tamil people. And don’t honestly think the majority of the tamils think so either.

  2. sittingnut says:

    you have a point
    but given that terrorists are in physical control of large section of population that alone will not work. terrorist must be defeated or effectively contained ( by talks or by war )

  3. Niroshan says:

    For a more enlightning statement ,look here. http://www.sarvodaya.org/2006/08/15/sarvodaya-view-on-the-present-situation-in-sri-lanka/

    This is definitely the way forwrad as far as us, ordinary citizens, are concerned.

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