Military Solutions and Final Solutions

There is no military solution to the ethnic problem. Military solutions are for military problems. An ethnic problem requires an ethnic solution. Sinhalese extremists turned a political problem into an ethnic problem. The LTTE turned the ethnic problem into a military problem. Now we have both. The ethnic problem is the existence of a Sinhalese majority and a Tamil minority in a single country and that they don’t seem to get along. The military problem is the existence of an illegal armed group using terrorist tactics under the aegis of fighting for minority rights. We need to solve both these problems.

The fact that most Sri Lankans are unaware of the greater political backdrop their country resides in, and that they’re unaware of the lessons of history, is evident from their acceptance of the term “Final Solution” — the notorious phrase used by the Nazis to mean the extermination of the Jews. Most educated westerners would run screaming if they were to hear the term “Final Solution” in connection to any ethnic issue. Yet it is the same phrase some Sri Lankan leaders are using to describe the mysterious silver bullet that is going to solve the ethnic problem once and for all.

What the solution is to the ethnic problem is not yet clear. But as for the military problem the solution is the disarmament of the LTTE, either voluntarily or by military engagement or by a combination of both. The rationalization of this solution comes from the principle of Uniform Application of the Law. An acquaintance of mine summed it up this way: “If you kill one person, you get to go to jail. If you kill a thousand, you get to go for peace talks”. But on the other hand, it is a fundamental right of a citizen to take up arms if his government fails in its obligation to protect him. This is why the ethnic solution is also necessary. So long as the government of Sri Lanka is failing in this duty, a disarmament of the LTTE will be a unilateral solution many will not accept.

4 Responses to Military Solutions and Final Solutions

  1. Deshaya says:

    There is no “ethnic problem” in Sri Lanka. There is, however, the problem of a terror group controlling sections of the country from which it has purged all non-Tamils and is fighting to create a separate mono-ethnic state. This terror group does not listen to reason or have faith in negotiations and a political solution. It can only be dealt with military.

  2. justmal says:

    By many exactly how many do you mean? LOL. Most Sri Lankans are for a military solution. I think the LTTE could be destroyed militarily, hopefully along with a few hundred thousands of people who support it. Bring on the napalm I say.

  3. Anoton says:

    The government could also take some steps to win Tamis over by addressing the various petty issues that irritate them such as corresponding with government departments (use English). Other percieved issued such as University admissions can be tackled by abolishing ‘standardisation’ and accepting students purely on merit.

    Addressing more serious issues such as the ‘white van’ disappearances will also help. According to the stories doing the rounds the white vans are run by a combination of Karuna/EPDP/PLOTE with the blessings of military intelligence. They are supposed to be carrying Ministry of Defence passes, which is why they are never detected at checkpoints.

    I don’t think a decisive military victory is possible for the government. What we will probably see is further clashes until a new stalemate is reached. The gfoevrnemnt will run out of money fairly soon, which will reduce large scale military adventuresm, meanshile the LTTE will move back to guerilla warefare which is pretty hard to stop.

  4. Castedeus says:

    Excellent post! While the northeast issue is a highly emotive one for all Sri Lankans, it is essential that people understand the background to the present state of affairs and the genesis of the LTTE, in order to truly understand the nature of the problem.

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