Economy vs. Security

There needs to be two types of government monitors among citizens: those who monitor security without economic concerns and those who monitor economics without security concerns. Using security concerns to distract people away from economic failures is one of the oldest tricks in a politician’s repertoire, because economics and security represent the two most basic concerns: one is concerned with the gaining or production of value while the other is concerned with the prevention of their loss (by values, I mean lives and property).

If we were to appoint someone to evaluate this administration’s economic performance without letting himself be influenced by security issues, he will report that economic performance is unacceptable. It is important that not all concerned mount the mainstream media bandwagon. When an issue appears on front page headlines, we automatically assume it is of highest priority. If the coverage involves an incident, then it IS of highest priority as long as the event is in progress. However, as soon as the situation subsides, coverage MUST return to long term issues. If short term issues receive too much coverage, then by the time one is finished, another would have arrived to fill the headlines. This may be acceptable to mainstream media that depend on action-packed headlines for sales and ratings. But the non-mainstream and citizen journalists must keep covering the longer term issues. In fact, some can afford to concentrate SOLELY on “standing” issues while allowing mainstream media to cover sensational news


One Response to Economy vs. Security

  1. manbag says:

    Here an idea round up all the millionares who aren’t politicians here in SL and give them the job of monitoring security, don’t give them anything in return since they have no economic concerns. Then find the poorest people here who definetly aren’t politicians (ha ha) to monitor economic concerns and give them something since they have no security concerns. Do u think they would both get on ?? Hope this is radical enough for you, as a millionare in SL I put myself up for job number 1 now for the 30 million who want job number 2……..

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