Separation of Concern

Separation of concern between the legislature (parliament) and the executive (the president and the cabinet) cannot be maintained if there are links between the two – especially if both comprise the same individuals. Members of the legislature should not hold ministerial positions. I have failed to find any provisions in the Sri Lankan constitution that forbid such intermingling. It should not be allowed. The concept of Balance of Power which is central to modern democracy can only work if the powers of the legislature, executive and judiciary are set AGAINST each other. Both the legislature and judiciary should be able to question the actions of the executive. This cannot happen if the branches are friendly to each other.


One Response to Separation of Concern

  1. logic says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. However, you can get the same problems even if the two branches are more separate as well. As an American, I’ve seen the exact same thing happen with most of George Bush’s presidency because he was (note I said WAS) a really popular president and his own party had a majority in the Senate and House. The congressmen from his own party basically acted like lapdogs to do whatever he desired because politically he could make or break their careers come election time. Instead of doing their job and thinking critically about things, they just stamped a Yes on everything. Not quite as blatant as all the giant boards around this country with the president on one side and the other minister’s face on the other, but essentially the same thing.

    Of course, now that Bush is no longer so popular, they are all trying to show how they are different and are speaking out against some of his policies. Same thing would happen here if Mahinda lost his popularity, I think. Though since he holds the purse strings, it may not matter how popular he is, as he can really improve somebody’s lifestyle if he wants to!

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