The Kemalist Option
Ignorance of the Masses
A random note on individualism
Say NO to governmental good intentions
The internet for peace building
Country vs. Govt. vs. Administration
Capitalist apologism
Money-Parties vs. Value-Parties
Reforming the UNP
Separation of Church and State
Government as an arbiter/representative


Unethical Prevention of Conversions
Liquor ban during Vesak

Ethnic Issues

The “Legacy of Vengeance” – I
The “Legacy of Vengeance” – II
One Possible Semi-Solution for the Ethnic Problem
‘Sole representatives’ of Tamils?
Addressing the ethnic problem
Civil War vs. Civil Activism
How to share a country
Homelands, civil movements
Diaspora Naiveté
Military Solutions and Final Solutions


Encourage Private Schools
The myth of “free” education
More on “free” education


Democratic Backfire
Spread Individualism, not democracy


Is Sexuality a Western Import?
The guardian angel complex


Break the private bus cartel
Deregulate private buses


Prohibition of Liquor and Tobacco

On the web

Web rings
The establishment


Imminent loss of Internet free speech in Sri Lanka
Update on Indian blog censorship

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